These are the collected writings and projects of M.J. Schneider, an editor and essayist living in University City, Missouri.

M.J.'s written for Student Life, The Washington Witness, the Columbia Missourian, UB Today, and SLM; copy-edited for RFT, SLM, AVID, City Pages, WetFeet, MBA Jungle, and MeFiMag; and previously administrated blog host Jablog.com.


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This is a tying up of loose ends—a culmination of the threads and thoughts that make up the daily existence of a writer. This is not an accounting of events. Rather, these are epigrams—those irresistible, often poetic little snippets of thought and turns of phrase that must be documented, lest their tenuous, soap-bubble existence be lost to posterity.

Let me know what you think of my soul.

"An epigrammatist is a poet of small wares, whose muse is short-winded and quickly out of breath. He is a kind of vagabond writer that is never out of his way; for nothing is beside the purpose with him that proposes none at all. His works are like a running banquet, that have much variety but little of a sort, for he deals in nothing but scraps and parcels like a taylor's broker. Nothing agrees so naturally with his fancy as bawdery, which he dispenses in small pittances to continue his reader still in an appetite for more."

—Samuel Butler, Characters and Passages from Note-books

"I have sworn not to put pen to paper until my ideas either clarify or depart entirely; I have quite enough sins on my soul without putting dangerous, shallow epigrams into people's heads."

—F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

"If I appear to be writing as though I were addressing readers, it is just simply for show, because it's easier for me to write that way."

—Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground