Used Saves

Ribbon lamps

Long, woven ristras of paint-dotted tampons, hanging like peppers

Speed Limit: TLDR

Animated GIF of Pruitt-Igoe demolition (Source)

⋅ Mini tampon installation under clear riser

⋅ Tampon installation lamp with birch veneer under clear riser

⋅ Tampon installation extension lines

⋅ Sculptural tampons, à la Trevor Oakes' Matchstick Bowl

⋅ USB rings and/or pendants

⋅ Framed painted glass

⋅ Thrift store shirts --> chandelier conversion

⋅ Sculptures based on collected images from dreams

⋅ Full-size, Technicolor paintings of notebook sketches

⋅ Skull-handled rubber stamps

⋅ Exhibit and/or series based on art capsules/reviews

⋅ Continue one-off collage series

⋅ Create magnet-anchored fabric door for cubicle

⋅ A continuing series of photos from above of my pen jar

⋅ Catnip dreidel

⋅ Psy fish dream

⋅ Create new site to replace Langmaker and Metaplasm

⋅ Sculpt peg-hole foot from dream (would look good in wood)

⋅ Sculpt T-rex-headed girl

⋅ Sculpt fish-mouth clay purse

⋅ Find way to make silhouette bunny horned glasses

⋅ Sculpted black bamboo USB key

⋅ Horrifying meat-grinder water cannon attacks

⋅ Dinosaur-rimmed "smoking crater" ashtray

⋅ Clay "shoe flora" sculpture

⋅ Stained glass pinwheel

⋅ Poured glass stalagmites

⋅ A shimmering peacock lotus octopus girl, like a folk-art goddess

⋅ Weekly three-panel comic, Pullquotes. All boxed up and ready to go!
  So incendiary they had to be boxed out!

⋅ Clear pie and tortes, oozing clear goo

⋅ Clay man, standing, with Facebook profile and/or blog projected on him (light-sensitive paint?)

⋅ Mushrooms growing, after the rain

⋅ Tampon macrame

⋅ An inside-out pizza, crust on the outside, that looks like a man's belly

⋅ Marshmallow --> mushroom taxonomy

⋅ Image or installation: a bed scattered with rosy insect wings, rather than rose petals

⋅ Comic: "My hair has let go of a lot of strands lately / Maybe an infusion of capital will help,"
  i.e. cash for Rogaine

⋅ Comic of this haiku: "Each weekday I wake / 7 a.m.: strip, shower / What is the problem?"
  Two versions: Shaking fist at neighbor, stripping loudly

⋅ Clay sculptures with heat-sensitive "mood" paint

⋅ A necklace of strung-together metal pen tops and pieces

⋅ Create some of these

⋅ Pen sconce

⋅ Grater lamp

⋅ Recycled-material luminaries/pendant lamps

⋅ A lamp that's also a marble run for kids

⋅ Lobster goblets!