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Hey min? I think "Top 5 Worst Mag Title Names Ever" might be the worst story title ever. What are "mag title names"? Have you ever heard of synecdoche? Or synonyms? What were you thinking? Better would have been "Top 5 Worst Magazine Names Ever."

Also, in this article about layoffs at, you said the company estimates laying off 18 people will save the company $2.4 million. Does that mean those people were seriously earning an average of $133,000 apiece? Or is there some other explanation you neglected to print?

Finally, the title of the email I received from you today was more than a bit creepy. Seriously: "we can make your phone ring"? All lowercase? I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop: "we can make your phone ring...with our minds!" Or something. Because otherwise, your claim fails to excite; anyone who knows my phone number can make my phone ring.

Thanks for thinking of me, though.

Edit: Half an hour after I commented on that top story, the title was changed to "Top 5 Worst Mag Names Ever." Good deal.

2:11 pm, March 20, 2009 :: art of editing

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