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Due to a quirk of the office voicemail system, I didn't realize I'd received a message from Alderwoman Phyllis Young regarding this issue until today. Here's a transcript of the message she left me at 3:19 p.m. Friday, September 25.

Hi Margaret, this is Phyllis Young. I received your letter today'm kind of puzzled, because I've never had anybody complain about how dark it is over there. There's a huge light on the highway...first of all...that lights that area, and the pavement is designated to show people the way to the highways, and...I...don't understand how it all got so...mixed up. But in any case, I've asked the Street Department to post a sign at 14th and Soulard saying "Street Not Through," so that hopefully people will turn left there on Soulard instead of trying to go further back into Hoehn Street. The idea is that once the Walgreens opens, hopefully other businesses will recognize that that's a very busy corner and come in there as well. If you'd like to discuss it further, my number is 622-3766. And again, I'm sorry for the difficulties you encountered.

That's a nice response, and does promise some action; I'll have to go check out the area again to see whether the specified progress has been made. In any case, the highway lights she mentions definitely do not adequately light the area in question, especially not on an overcast, rainy night. And I never did hear back from any of the others I copied on the letter.

12:10 pm, October 06, 2009 :: batshitinsane

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