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Yes, this is me, and, yes, I've decided to use my real name, although my URL won't be my real name because someone else had the audacity to claim my name already. I don't know what I should write except this crazy stream-of-consciousness stuff I've been practicing. If I can find a way to do it I should like to post some of my other writings, the crazy scrawled-in-notebook writings that no one has the patience to read...of course I'm afraid to give anyone free rein with my notebooks, because I don't trust anyone much enough to read them except those of you who already have, and you know who you are. I think there may be only two people who have ever read anything of them, since I suddenly decided not to let Yul read my stuff—good choice, let me tell ya! That's it—that's what I'll do, I'll just use codes for everyone else's names, since what's the point of reading this if you don't know me, but if you do know me only slightly you could be offended, so this is a happy middle ground, neh? Bah—I just discovered that I still haven't remembered to take that awful cutesy picture of the Luddite and I out of my wallet... I should replace it in the prominent front spot with that lovely picture of the Argonaut that he sent me. He liked my senior picture *sigh* he's so adorable, I need someone to latch onto in my recently-left frenzy, don't I? Even if I've sworn off men, they're still so irresistable! Ah, well, I hate having to steal moments on this, because now I have to go. But at least I have begun to develop more of a purpose for this. Hey, maybe I'll even give some of my un-named, unmentionable friends the URL for this thing! Hey, appreciation, what a thought...

4:35 pm, December 05, 2001 :: erstwhile

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