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Yippee, yippee, yippee...I'm not doing calculus, I'm not doing calculus, even though I have a test today, ha ha ha ha ha... I probably should care more than this, neh? But I'm tired, and I don't care, and did I mention I'm tired? La di da di da... I wonder if anyone has ever read this, or if they ever shall di da di da...random thoughts, stream-of-consciousness burns another line in the la la, ha ha, na na, bored out of my mind, I'd be emailing people, but no one emailed me first for me to reply to, la di da di da, none of this matters, neh? Crash & burn on the blog, yep. Absolute apathy, check. First post in forever, check. La la la....nonsense, nonsense. What fun, to just type without thought, though even lack of thought reveals a thought thereof. What fun, what fun....

8:31 am, March 05, 2002 :: erstwhile

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