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We always wanna go through life leaving a nice orderly paper trail behind us, nothing left unsaid or unspoken, nothing done halfway or not at all—but look at what we end up doing, all of us. We all end up muddling through everything, just barely finding time enough to sit people down, look 'em in the eyes, and tell 'em the truth. We always want everything to be perfect; but is perfection possible for us Earth-creatures? Probably not. We try to say we'll do everything right, but when it comes down to it, that may be impossible to manage. The minutiae of living a completely righteous existence can overwhelm even monks and priests. Managing the minutiae of living a righteous existence, living the life of one's dreams, having children, teaching them how to lead the lives they want, attempting to do everyday tasks just right—well, that may be beyond the best of us. But what we should try to do is to at least take time for the things that matter. Remember to tell the people we love that we love them, say the things that count, tell those truths which, were they not told, would mean one's heart held in abeyance for eternity over a simple indiscretion or fault. Carpe diem does not mean mere hedonism, but a lifestyle that is rich because one does not hold back when the time comes to give. I'm lapsing into clichés because I only just now typed myself into actually believing that concept, the concept of giving to the world, so to speak. Carpe diem really does mean that, doesn't it? If one is never willing to completely give oneself to the moment or to another person, none of the finer things we all long for—no love, no compassion—are possible to us.

12:00 pm, August 10, 2002 :: erstwhile

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