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So this blog...we're going to keep it casual and spontaneous. I'll post when an irresistable urge comes upon me. I'll post to clarify my thoughts. And I may post little enigmatic snippets of thought that most of you will be utterly lost reading. It'll be fun that way. Any other way and it becomes routine and obligation, which I don't relish. I've got enough of that to keep me busy.

Why the change of approach? Well, a lot of things have changed. I realized just how much had changed when I was back-posting entries from my original blog. I got to November 2003 and had to go back and delete everything, 'cause those posts made me ill-at-ease and sick at heart. I'm not ready to revisit all of that.

So I'm shaking off the dust of the road. Forget the past. This is a fresh start.

2:52 am, May 19, 2005 :: erstwhile

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