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Oh, the power of "Let's have a drink." This exhortation reminds the 21+ crowd of the burgeoning new avenue of social interaction that lies before them.

Mundane stints at "hanging out" have been supplanted by the prospect of intoxicated relaxation. This provides an exciting new take on the [formerly] ordinary act of consuming liquids.

As far as we know, this is what constitutes adult interaction. This phrase will open doors for the rest of your life, because even adults want to be cool.

Use the advertisers' tricks to your own advantage, friends—take the allure of alcohol and make it all yours.

(That was a snippet I wrote a while back after an old friend agreed to hang out upon my saying, "Hey, let's have a drink sometime." It's that little status reminder—"Hey, we're adults!"—that does it, I think. I've really been impressed by the power of that phrase in recent months.)

3:17 am, June 14, 2005 :: erstwhile

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