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Last night I stayed up rather late compulsively reading David Kalstein's Prodigy: A Novel, a fictional story about a high school, Stansbury, full of medically engineered (of a sort) supergenius kids, set in 2036. This comes on the heels of my near-compulsive reading of the latest Harry Potter book last week.

So this morning, I had a dream that essentially combined the two schools. Here's what I remember.

As in both the Harry Potter book and Prodigy, chaos was rampant in the halls of the school. It was the beginning of the school day, and into the teacher's lounge came the latest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, panting and dragging something heavy. Addressing Professor McGonagall, he asked, in a somewhat wry British accent, "So what do we do when a student dies, anyway? Do we just put him in a box and send him on home, then?"

The scene cut then to the professor's memory of the deceased student he just found lying in a corridor, awkwardly crumpled on the floor with his arm extended...and a raccoon snapping and tugging at it.

I guess the raccoon was someone's (the student's?) familiar.

11:35 am, September 18, 2006 :: erstwhile

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