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According to this Mediaweek piece, Popular Science just abandoned a new pay model, in which it would charge 99 cents for a special digital edition, because the first issue sold only 5,000 copies.

"OK, that makes sense," I thought. But then I came to this quote from publisher Gregg Hano:

"Hano admitted his original goal 'might have been a little bit optimistic.' He blamed the low response on the buying experience. 'To go in and put in your name, address, credit card number for a 99-cent product they haven’t had before is really a challenge,' he said."

Oh. Yeah, that is a challenge. An unfortunate conundrum, if you will. [slaps forehead] Haven't these people ever heard of PayPal?!

9:19 am, September 03, 2009 :: harlotry

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