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This is fascinating. With just this list you've got this amazing cross-section of the computer-using population, albeit mostly people in the age 16–21 range, but nonetheless—it's at once apparent that the world is busy and things are happening.

One can see the origins of all these little trends that criss-cross between journaling populations—certain surveys only appear among certain populations, etc., but if you look at this page it's almost a random sampling, albeit dependent upon who's doing certain things at certain times of day for certain occupations, or who's in a given time zone. This could be a great tool for looking at what's important to people in a culture, alhough there are a number of confounding factors, as I've mentioned.

I can see why people who start journals or blogs or whatever you want to call them always try to insist upon others starting them as well. After a while spent reading these things, it feels like everything that's important can and should be codified this way. The world is happening here, not in person, and people's writing voices are often more honestly theirs on a blog than in person. There are so many reasons this could be conceivably a good thing.

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"Class sucked. The teacher had to let us out super early because her cell phone went off and whoever called her said her son had Foot, Mouth and Hand disease. I heard its very curable and she shouldn't worry too much."
-a random blog
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"well i think that today went pretty good! i didnt do any drugs which is actually a plus!"
-some worthless blogger

1:51 pm, September 26, 2003 :: the jablog years

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