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Rebecca found the curt, biting little exchange we had yesterday on the way to see Lost in Translation noteworthy. As she says,
"We went out spur-of-the-moment last night to see Lost in Translation, which made me cry...and which I liked very much. To get there, we drove all around Forest Park first, arrived late but before the beginning, and experienced a hint of how bad things could get if she and I ever decided to be angry with one another. I hate being late, and was tired. She is tired of being sick, and also tired. I was careless with tone-of-voice, and she snapped right back at me. I was a bit taken aback for a moment. Her roommate knows my moods, but most people here are surprised or confused when I wear myself to the fringes of my temper and become curt and grim."

Heh. I wasn't so much tired of being sick as I was of driving in a huge circle trying to get back to where I knew we were going all along, seeing as we went the wrong way at first. Since none of us had ever been to the theater before, I was worried about making it there before the movie started. It's an art-house theater, after all, and so I didn't know how long the previews would last.

That, and it's fun to snap back once in awhile. People don't really expect that of me anymore...I'm too nice these days.

- - -

Shall I change my font size? As one wise blogger once said, a general rule of layouts is that you'll get sick of your own layout long before others do. That's probably about right in this case.

11:17 pm, September 27, 2003 :: the jablog years

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