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Ah, glorious Greek Week. This is the time when one can immediately discern many of the campus' users and abusers from more pleasant folk simply by noting the ugly, colorful shirts they wear that loudly proclaim, "It's not easy being Greek."

I found one of those shirts, a bright yellow-orange one, lying on a path outside the dorm last night. I laid it atop of one of those concrete bollards before going to copy edit, figuring that if it were still there when I got back, I'd take it. (If someone's paying so little attention that they drop a new shirt, I reason, they probably don't care too much about it. Either that or they're a negligent, neglectful person in general, in which case they don't deserve to live. I kid...) A few hours, much copy editing, and some time spent in Rutledge later, it was still there, and now it's mine. Ah, the things I could do with it.

Also, again with overhearing things that I didn't think real people actually said to one another in common parlance: On the path to the student center, I witnessed some guy loudly greeting his friend with, "'Sup, fucker?!" Why calling a friend "fucker" is necessary, I don't know. I guess he got tired of the more tame "man," "dude," or even the satirical "yo."

12:36 pm, September 29, 2003 :: the jablog years

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