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An update for the curious among you: I have met the enemy, and it is the eyes of other people.

Not really—that's a line attributed to Ben Franklin, and I didn't really meet the enemy, I met a chick who's quite another thing entirely, namely awesome. That and resourceful—she found my site, then emailed me:

"Good stuff, but I was a little dismayed at the fact that you hadn't posted since you "discovered" me. I'm interested to know if I am evil, etc :)"

In a word, no. She didn't even seem to mind that I pointed out flawed words used in the experiment she was running, including "hoove, "larch," "vult," "toile," and "shat" as nonwords, despite the fact that they're all either actual words in English, foreign words (e.g. "vult"—Latin for "he/she/it wills it," as in the phrase "Deus vult"), or words that are close enough to being real words in English that they'd give a normal reader pause.

- - -

I wonder how many politicians actually write their own speeches, esp. among the higher-profile ones.

The phrase "to post" is beginning to seem self-evident to me, obviously meaning "to write a new post in my blog". The rest of the world, though, isn't necessarily so clear on that. Grf. I'm becoming part of the blog culture—hopefully, though, I'm not going to get politicians knocking at my door. Some magazines now even publish "politically relevant" snippets of blogs, which I'm not a fan of. By granting those people attention of that sort, they're just making it so that politicians everywhere perk up their ears, thinking, "If only I can conquer the 'blogosphere.'" Hence blogging becomes just another tool, another piece of the political machinery the pundits can use to "keep it real." Yech.

It's also occurred to me lately (again—it's occurred to me before, but now the thoughts are being shown correct in real-life testing) that the way I write in this blog is more reflective of my internal way of speaking to myself than any other mode of communication on my part. Hence I curse more in here than I ever do in normal conversation, am more critical of people/things/everything than in normal conversation, and express more of the vagaries of my personal writing shorthand than I would were I writing for class or even for clarity in person-to-person conversation/chat. This is about all the disclaimer I'm going to give, however, as that's simply how I write to myself. Though I'm well aware that I have an ever-growing audience, I need to write like that to maintain the verity of this little endeavor, lest I stray into a more impersonal mode of speaking/writing.

I probably sound bitter/biting/critical/evil/sarcastic at times, and that's as it should be. Few get to hear the gears creaking in my mind quite so clearly as those who read this or engage in meaningful conversation with me on a regular basis.

4:27 pm, October 02, 2003 :: the jablog years

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