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Time and time again I realize what a wonderful thing it is that Yahoo! Mail doesn't include, right next to the link to one's inbox, a little link that says "Empty Inbox." Stuff like that gives me hope.

As far as I'm concerned, W.I.L.D. is like high school or junior-high dances: At first, you go for the experience of going. You hope that people you know will show up. But eventually you figure out that 1. it's always a crappy experience, 2. none of your friends ever show up, 3. the music is always bad, and 4. the people who have fun there have fun for a reason—they're all too drunk to know where they are.

In this case, it's been rainy and freezing cold for three W.I.L.D.s in a row now, the bands/"artists" have sucked for three in a row, and although I like free pizza, that's not necessarily a valid reason to go...

11:41 am, October 03, 2003 :: the jablog years

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