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People keep telling me the share limit on the DC hub here should be lowered, so as an op now on both the open hub (share limit 5 GB) and the "elite" hub (share limit 20 GB), I decided to say something about it to the powers that be:

[18:33] I've a suggestion
[18:34] since we have the ability to ban whoever we want
[18:34] leeches, etc.
[18:34] and, in fact, a specific mandate to do so
[18:34] we could lower the share limit on the open hub here
[18:34] and still get rid of undesirables
[18:34] meanwhile maintaining a higher standard and share limit on our elite hub
[18:34] for those who are serious about sharing
[18:35] does that make sense?
[18:35] I've a number of friends who've been complaining that they simply don't have enough room on their hard drives to share that much
[18:35] and they don't want to resort to sharing crap
[18:35] they just want to be able to get music on occasion
[18:36] letting users like that wouldn't cause excessive strain on the hub
[18:36] I'm not one to indulge whiners
[18:36] nor am I one to hypocritically allow my friends free reign
[18:37] but the current limit on the main hub makes little sense anymore in light of our newfound mandate to ban leeches
[18:40] and we're not effectively serving the community here (which, besides having power and forwarding our own self-interest, should probably be the goal, why else share and promote sharing among others?) if we continue to penalize people who, for whatever reason, don't have a way or desire to share that many files
[18:40] some users may not have money, for instance, to buy extra storage space
[18:40] should we be penalizing people simply because they don't have enough money?
[18:41] given that the sharing community is largely built around the ideal of making things available to those who don't wish to pay exhorbitant prices or even pay at all, aren't we being hypocritical, then, by penalizing students who don't have enough money for extra storage space?
[18:43] there's something to think about

- - -

Edit: The main op replied soon thereafter, and changed the limit. Rock on.


That sounds good to me
what are you suggesting?
[18:50] lower share limit, around 1 GB, perhaps, on the open hub
[18:50] if they're leeching or being a pain, we can ban them anyway
[18:50] hence no loss on our part
[18:50] and if they play by the rules, they can stay
ok, I think your resoning is understandable
[18:51] yeah?
one sec, let me make the changes
[18:51] cool

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