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A question: are sukkahs supposed to be left up until they disintegrate? The sukkahs on campus have both fallen into disrepair after Sukkot, and it really makes me wonder why they're even still up. If they're not supposed to be left to disintegrate, what are they waiting for? Wouldn't leaving something ceremonial like that up to be destroyed by the forces of nature be disrespectful? Or is this some faction keeping themselves visible?

If it's actually unnecessary, leaving those up is about as pointless as the university's practice of watering the grass on the swamp until the field floods due to the campus' bad drainage, not replacing trees snapped off by drunk people, taking down the swing in the Quad due to possible "liability" and then refusing to tell anyone the real reason, endangering my health by giving me cold pasta when it should be hot, listening to the newspaper editorial board's antagonistic jabs at the administration regarding the alcohol policy, calling oneself "X-treme," chanting neofeminist slogans about rape until one's voice cracks, taping up T-shirts with fake messages in little kids' handwriting on them about how they hate their fake relatives who sexually abused them, not posting midterm grades for upperclassmen, and all the other stupid things that happen around here...

In other news, though, thrift store serendipity struck again, and I found Richard Bach's book A Gift of Wings on the first shelf of books I looked on at the thrift store earlier. I requested that book from MOBIUS just yesterday. These things happen.

I also got a copy of The Point's Alternative Summer compilation from 1996, which is like getting back a little piece of that summer when I first discovered KPNT et al. among St. Louis radio. I just want to drink this in and go back there somehow. Finding the music then was like a revelation, and now I'm feeling it all over again, however corny I know it must be for you all to hear me say it.

7:55 pm, October 22, 2003 :: the jablog years

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