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It seems my roommate also ran into the illustrious D., and even had dinner with her tonight. Apparently my characterization of her earlier was spot-on. As my roommate writes,

"Apparently she and I run into the same people: D. (as far as I actually paid attention to her) told me all about type-setting and how her famous toy-making highschool teacher should be more famous than he is. Type and fonts are interesting, and she appears to know what she's talking about--er, well, if you discount her calling Courier a sans-serif font. On the other hand, if she'd told one more story about her teacher, I think I should have left at a run..."

D. also started off talking to me by mentioning fonts, which is part of what got me intrigued initially. The continual loud cursing and talking about things which she obviously knew nothing about, though, threw me a bit...but on this we all seem to agree.

12:10 am, October 28, 2003 :: the jablog years

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