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Check it out—this is what you get when you look for synonyms of "abortion" in the thesaurus portion of the Merriam-Webster dictionary online:

One entry found for abortion.

Entry Word: abortion
Function: noun Text: Synonyms FREAK 2, lusus, miscreation, monster, monstrosity

Gee...hidden agenda, anyone?

I double-checked it by looking in my hardbound edition of Roget's Thesaurus:

abortion, n. abortiveness, miscarriage, prematurity, immaturity. See NON-PREPARATION.

Nothing about abominations. Now, apparently an archaic meaning found in the Oxford something something says something about "misshapen or miscarried offspring"...nonetheless, though, to only include those meanings in the thesaurus seems questionable to me.

Note that I'm not bringing into this whether I'm pro-choice or pro-life or whatever they call those these days—I don't claim either affiliation, and don't plan on claiming one anytime soon.

9:25 pm, October 28, 2003 :: the jablog years

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