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If MSA taught me anything, it's that doing random awesome things like opening doors matters. Today was much with the cool.

For one thing, my Christianity test didn't go so badly as it could've. I covered the three pages of the test with the classic paper-graying dense scrawl. Hopefully that'll garner me some kudos...or perhaps render the answers so unreadable that he assumes I've got it all right. Then again, as the professor caught me skipping class on Monday to inhabit Rationania, perhaps I'd better hope he can read it. Either way, I'm psyched, as I just used both "render" and "garner" in a sentence.

Apparently I made Ronnie's day. I was, per usual, sitting in the computer lab, reading blogs, when I checked to see if Ronnie had written much recently. It turns out that he's posted pretty much every day since early August, y su perspective on hating people in his dorm and everywhere on campus es fantastico. Essentially he sounds just like Kimothy and I have for the past year-and-a-half. These things happen to all of us, it seems. Reading his blog made me realize what'd gotten me curious about him in the first place and what allows me to actually talk to him&mash;namely that he gets it.

So yes, I was enjoying the blog and lamenting the fact that I couldn't post comments when I came across his cellphone number in a post. Its area code, despite the fact that he's in Columbia, Mo., is 314. I immediately realized that the only viable option at that point was to get up and go call him, regardless of whether I wanted to read more, whether he happened to be in class, etc. Right off the bat, my mission was to 1. let him know that I, too, hate people as much as he does and 2. make his day. (Yes, I know, most people aren't so forthright about their goals in such cases, but that's the deal—I wanted to make his day better.)

I charged upstairs in Eads, only to find some chick using the phone I'd used the other day (namely to call Mrs. Massie, whom I got ahold of in the middle of a class to tell her about the Richard Rodriguez speech she couldn't possibly have attended...that was a good idea). Hence I trekked my gimpy leg over to Mallinckrodt, where I grabbed the open phone and gave Ronnie a call. It turned out he was skipping class, so I talked to him for a bit, y fue muy awesome.

- - -

"Why do people have Halloween parties?" asked my roommate just now. That, at least, has a somewhat simple answer—society just doesn't accept older people trick-or-treating. "That's true," she replied. 'Tis a tragesty.

- - -

The afternoon in Rationania was good, too. I ended up staying there for two hours, creating some Rationanian art/literature by drawing on pallet scraps with colored pencil, answering various passersby's questions, and initiating a few into Rationanian citizenship by administering the Rationanian eye test. I left about 10 minutes before 5 p.m. and accompanied a friend to dinner, which was somewhat marred by the [comments on birthday party unavailable at this time].

Again, I hate people, much like Ronnie does.

- - -

Here's a question—why don't people take notes in classes anymore? Virtually no one besides me in my two English classes actually takes notes, and it really bothers me. Samudra even mentioned the phenomenon today in Exposition, noting that the guy who observed our class the other day admonished her for the lack of note-taking.

Here are some excerpts from yesterday's Argumentation notes, which I purposefully wrote at an angle so girl next to me could catch sight of what I was writing and feel indignant:

What, are you all too fucking cool to talk?

Yes, yes, squint your eyes as though you're deep in thought. Fake!

85% of the S. African population, eh? Well, 85% of the population of this class doesn't talk!

Was there some agreement not to talk that I missed out on? I want in...or maybe y'all need to talk!

Is it all too easy for you? I know, none of you take notes, none of you do anything but sit there and "soak it up" by osmosis...

I can dismiss all of you, look: [diagram of the class going around the table] frat boy / frat boy / hipster intellectual / cross country runner / me / jock / psych major / revolutionary hippie-feminist / frat boy

- - -

Y'know, almost every time I add a link to a blog entry, it strikes me how much the "target" tag seems as though it should be used in place of "href." Hence target would refer to where the address is taking you, the link's target, as opposed to some obscure frames reference. I do understand why it has to be the way it is, but I'm nonetheless continually struck by the urge to type "target" where "href" should be.

- - -
"Sick....too sick to fly to school..." —My little Spudly
—A friend's take-off on my "sick" away message
"Sick...sick...too sick to fly..." —My Little Pony
—The original My Little Pony away message

9:30 pm, October 29, 2003 :: the jablog years

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