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I've been so sensitive today to scents and sounds that I feel like a vibrating nerve ending, soaking in sensation, and my mind's been hitting on all cylinders since I started the Argumentation paper this morning. I still don't even know what tack I'm going to end up taking with my argument, which will somehow differentiate "force," "terrorism," "coercion," and "violence," and possibly determine whether any are actually valid/justified methods of effecting social change, but I got much good material down on paper. The professor seemed impressed with the melange of approaches I decided to take, commenting positively on the ad absurdum arguments and my mixed rhetoric and tone. [Shrugs.] It's not bad.

In any case, I'm currently listening to Jars of Clay's The White Elephant Sessions on my headphones (better bass), and the luscious arrangements and harmony, combined with my current caffeinated/hyped up state, are making my palms sweat. Either that or it's simply hot in here...heh, it could well be that.

7:05 pm, October 30, 2003 :: the jablog years

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