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Other things, though, besides the quest to obtain gnosis have propelled me to do some of the things I do these days. There are also the dual influences of my father (which I don't have the time to get into here) and band (which is also so all-encompassing I can't really tell its entire story right now), not to mention these tendencies I've had all my life. The tendencies I can give audience to for awhile, though I'm getting a bit tired of writing.

Halloween and the Fourth of July are my two favorite holidays. I tried to explain why that was (I did a good bit of explaining this weekend, it seems), and came up with a few similarities. I think their main appeal to me is that 1. the proceedings take place outside at night when it's fairly comfortable outside (unlike, say, Christmas caroling or driving around to see Christmas lights), 2. I can walk around somewhat at leisure, 3. I may get to see friends in the process, unlike during other holidays, and 4. they were originally located around the time of major pagan holidays (the summer solstice, Samhain). That and I've developed a liking for spectacle, e.g. fireworks, costumery, and scaring people, hence why both goth culture and Moulin Rouge–style spectacle appeal to me so much, with their costumery, subterfuge, and glamor.

There are just a few things I fundamentally like. I like sparkly things. I definitely like the Campus Absurdists. I like Girl Scout camp, where even the most straight girls aren't scared to act vaguely homoerotic and dress in absurd outfits for 1. comedic value, 2. ironic value, and 3. to get campers' attention.

I've decided that in the future, when I've a bit more autonomy, I'll also enjoy New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras—I just don't currently have the means at my disposal to make those happen the way I'd want them to. There's value in authenticity, spontaneity, spectacle, costumery, mysticism, showing off, and seeing friends that comes with all those holidays, not to mention getting free stuff on each of those days, too. The Latin duckling in me finds these things key.

- - -

Though last night wasn't Halloween proper, it was pretty much like an extended portion of the holiday. A bunch of us dressed up and went out to eat, where we watched a couple friends play the "ketchup-off-lamp-into-water" game to much acclaim until more ruined and bedraggled Bauhaus refugees started to trickle in and a dining maven came over to break up the game. A group of kids brought a Risk board in and set up shop; notable costumes included underwear models and a Ouija pointer. Several of us ended up talking until about 3 a.m., at which point I trekked over to the computer lab and talked to Kimothy until 6 a.m. Seeing the misty, foggy morning sunrise through the hammocks and trees as I hiked back after that was actually rather nice.

- - -

Apparently we now have a newspaper "fun box," replete with various toys like yo-yos, Silly Putty, and a Slinky. That, I think, is a step in the right direction.

- - -
"One, two princes kneel before you—that's what I said, now—princes, princes who adore you—just go ahead, now. One has diamonds in his pockets—that's some bread, now—this one said he wants to buy you rockets—ain't in his head, now...

This one, he got a princely racket—that's what I said, now—got some big seal upon his jacket, ain't in his head now. You marry him, your father will condone you—how 'bout that, now?—you marry me, your father will disown you—he'll eat his hat, now...

Marry him, or marry me?—I'm the one that loves you, baby, can't you see? I ain't got no future or family tree, but I know what a prince and lover ought to be, I know what a prince and lover ought to be..."

—The Spin Doctors, "Two Princes"
"Just as the Delphic oracle uttered words whose import she could not divine, the hand of the true witch-in-training will scribble the truth. Watch for those words. They are all the magick you will need to know."
—Erica Jong, What Do Women Want?

4:44 pm, November 02, 2003 :: the jablog years

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