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Reasons why I'm glad I dropped music theory after the first day— see Mallorie's away message:
"Professor Bauer's comment on our part-writing exercises on the board:

'These are all perfect, why can't more of you be like Mallorie so I have something to say about them.'

What do you say to that?

Me: 'Next time I'll do all of them, that way you will have PLENTY to say.'"

Yeah, I'd be in the same boat as Mallorie, were I in that class anymore.

- - -

Quotes from Saturday night's ketchup-off-the-lamp-into-the-water game:

Jason [by way of explanation]: "It's...the...uh...ketchup-off-the-lamp-into-the-water game!"

- - -

Jason [disdainfully]: "Maybe you should try mustard packets..."
Other table [cheers]: "Go for the honey mustard!"
John [face lights up]: "Oh! Honey mustard!"

- - -

Me [gets hit by a ketchup packet]: "I'm bleeding in packets..."

- - -

John: "I saw that, I have eyes."

- - -

Jason [protesting]: "There's no goaltender in the ketchup-off-the-lamp-into-water game!"

- - -

Jason [after the dining manager breaks up the game]: "Let's invent a new game that doesn't involve the lamp, like the throw-the-ketchup-really-hard-off-the-wall-into-other-people game." [throws ketchup packet into wall so hard that it explodes all over John]
John [cringing]: "I hate your games!"

- - -

John [swinging the lamp as a final goodbye]: "Let's go, quick! We have to leave it swinging. It'll be all symbolic and things..."

6:47 pm, November 03, 2003 :: the jablog years

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