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Y'know these things we say, like "supa ausum" or "feh," "pheh," "meh," and "beh"? Most of the time, we got them from somewhere, but really can't remember where, and we adopt them as our own—for instance, I can't remember where we got "meh" from, and I doubt I ever actually knew, but ever since then, long-ago senior year, I've been using it on a regular basis. "Congratulations, you're mediocre." Apparently I've been using that one a lot—the influence of Maddox.

What's interesting to note is that while we might think we're the only ones saying these things, that they're unique to our set of friends, that's really not the case. The Internet spreads all of this around, so just when you think you've got a vernacular all to yourself, you find that no, completely random people from across the country or globe are borrowing your words. Case in point from

"Others meanwhile are grousing that the roast pork recipe posted below is in fact a braised pork recipe. To this I say feh."

Perhaps things like Blog Hot-or-Not contribute to this. I definitely recall seeing others, particularly of the feh/meh/beh brand, in the past.

8:03 pm, November 06, 2003 :: the jablog years

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