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Hopefully this won't erode confidence in me completely, as I'm sure it makes me sound like a complete git...but it's imperative that I mention just how irrationally covetous I've become upon seeing the new My Little Ponies.

I'm not yet sure why it makes me so happy to see these babies, but man...they're gorgeous. I must have them, at least the better-looking among them. This isn't some sort of put-on '80s nostalgia, and I don't claim to like all things '80s indiscriminately. My Little Ponies were just some of the few toys I ever got really obsessed with. I was really disappointed when they stopped making them, and I looked for them in toy stores for years afterward. Since ponies were (and still are, apparently) so difficult to find, every one gets a story attached to it: "Here's the pony so-and-so gave me to replace the one I lost. "Here's the one I bought with the last bit of money I had 'til August." "Here's the one with the jewel eyes and wings that I found in the back of Nagles." "This one's hair changes color in the sun." Every once in awhile I'd find one dusty in the back of Kay Bee Toys or at Nagles, but the search stopped panning out after a few years.

These ones they're selling now are like the old ones, chubby, cute little things, perfectly shaped to fit your hand. I realize I sound like I have issues, but it's not like that...they're just so damned cute!

6:08 pm, November 11, 2003 :: the jablog years

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