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It's probably scary how I see the word "heh" and only manage to notice the way each lowercase letter "h" looks somewhat like a pony...
h -"Neigh..."

...or how before leaving now, I contemplate bringing a pony along with me and have to consciously tell myself, "That's dumb. Don't bring a pony with you."

Heh. Someone on my buddy list apparently has some friends orchestrating an ongoing quest to get her laid. I'm not sure what the deal is with that, but this has been in her profile for a long time:

"an excerpt from the best email ever :-D
'I hope to God that you're putting out. Tonight at church, I'm praying to Saint Dymphna, patron saint for chastity, to abandon a certain native-american-esque blonde jew girl.' ~ Kait"

Now a friend of hers has made a site about it. It's mildly entertaining, if only because it highlights the dumb things that university students and their friends do.

According to darkmachina, Jablog's resident CSS template artist, the U.S. might be gearing up to launch some manned lunar missions. If you read my post a while back about that, you'll know I think it's an interesting, if not wonderful, idea. Yeah, to some it might seem idiotic to doubt the validity of the original lunar missions...but who knows?

I'd like my speakers to work right. I'd like that a lot.

I should've mentioned sooner this article [link lost to time] mocking the opinion editor's proposal that the university reimburse students for driving fuel-efficient cars. It's great. It's about time someone else got around to mocking his oft-pretentious suggestions. And that news reporter's article about the Campus Girl Scouts, while too short to have too many misconceptions, was still pretty mediocre—it's really too bad I took Tuesday night off from the paper, 'cause I could've fixed the few problems that there were. Ah well, it's always like that.

Ack. Parents are like a force of nature...they call, and no matter what you're doing, if it's not schoolwork or leaving, you're pretty much stuck, listening to all their talk about plants and chemicals and bikes and school and fundraising and all these things. Augh.

- - -
"You got an attitude of everything I ever an attitude of need, so help me stay awake, I’m fallin'...asleep in perfect blue buildings, beside the green apple sea. Gonna get me a little oblivion, baby, 'n'try to keep myself away from me..."
—Counting Crows, "Perfect Blue Buildings"
"So when're you comin' home, sweet angel?"
—Counting Crows, "Time and Time Again"

7:33 pm, December 04, 2003 :: the jablog years

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