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So I was just sitting in the computer lab in the dorm next door writing a post...and when I got up and started to put on my coat to leave, I noticed that the Asian couple at the computer behind me were in an odd position, the girl bent over the guy's lap. When I turned back to the computer to make sure I'd closed every window, she sat up and acted innocent, but peering out of the corner of my eye as I walked past to the door, I could tell that the guy's pants were definitely not closed. I thought about emphatically saying something as I left, but the moment passed and the door closed and it's probably just as well.

Anyway, I've done dodgy things in computer labs, but that very well takes the cake.

- - -
"Lovin' you—that isn't really something I should do. I shouldn't wanna spend my time with you...Yeah, well, I should try to be strong, but baby, you're the right kinda wrong...yeah, baby, you're the right kinda wrong..."
—LeAnn Rimes, "The Right Kind Of Wrong"
"I fear that I...'m ordinary, just like everyone. To lie [here] and die among the sorrows, adrift among the days...For everything I ever said, for everything I've ever done is gone...and dead...And all things must surely have to end—the great loves will one day have to part—I know meant for this world...

My life has been extraordinary, blessed and cursed and won. Time heals, but I am forever broken by and by the way...Have you ever heard the words I'm singin' in these songs? It's for the girl I loved all along. Can a taste of love be so wrong?! As all things must surely have to end—the great loves will one day have to part—I know meant for this world...

And in my mind as I was floating far above the clouds, some children laughed I'd fall for certain for thinking that I'd last forever, but I knew exactly where I was...

And I knew the meaning of it all...and I knew the distance to the sun...and I knew the echo that is love...and I knew the secrets in your spires...and I knew the emptiness of youth...and I knew the solitude of heart...and I knew the murmurs of the soul...and the world is drawn into your hands...and the world is etched upon your heart...and the world so hard to understand is the world you can't live without...and I knew the silence of"

—Smashing Pumpkins, "Muzzle"
"And I've asked myself, 'How much do you com—commit yourself?' It's my life—don't you forget! Oh, it's my never ends..."
—No Doubt, "It's My Life"
"Will you wish upon...will you walk upon me? I don't want to die tonight..."
—A.F.I., "Morningstar"

2:32 am, December 08, 2003 :: the jablog years

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