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I'm deleting font tags. Apparently they've been deprecated for six years. So sue me. This here editor powered by htmlarea makes it damned easy to put in about ten billion unnecessary font tags...and now it turns out that about half of all my stuff renders improperly in Firebird because of it. "Why use Firebird anyway?" you ask. Well, it has decent skins and tabs, hence beating Mozilla in the skin department and IE in the number-of-windows-one-can-easily-have-open-at-once department. This bites, though.

So yes, I'd be writing you all a post, but instead I'm sitting here deleting font tags. Have patience—I will post/email again sometime in the near future. I'm keeping a running tab of things to write about, so I shan't be lacking for material when I finally get down to it.

9:27 pm, January 19, 2004 :: the jablog years

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