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Sigh. I finally got back my first paper in Postmodernism, and while the comments on it were generally positive, I'm confounded by this statement:

"I'm sympathetic to your position + concerns, + very much hope that Prof. Bourg + I can make the class helpful. However, we're going to need more work from you—meaning that you'll need to make more of an effort to dig deep into the readings. Best + Kellner may seem too sweeping, but they offer a lot of material that you could have used while undertaking this assignment."

What makes no sense is that at the point when I wrote the paper, that was the only class whose reading I actually was caught up with—if I didn't cite the reading much, that was because the assignment didn't seem to call for that so much as an exposition of my opinions, thoughts, and feelings about postmodernism and the class up to that point. The assignment called for more opinion essay than formal academic paper, as far as I understood it. Alas, I got a B on this particular effort, which was rather disappointing.

Know what? I'm a hammerhead shark. I make no sound. I have no bones. My skeleton is made of cartilage. My wide head helps me swim, see, and hear really well.

Also, Tyler finally got the stuff together to make Bling Bling, the pimpin' panda. This is the quest we were on last time he came to town, but we didn't find enough stuff to completely outfit the bear. Now, though, his panda has all the proper accoutrements a panda needs to be totally pimped out!

9:53 pm, February 12, 2004 :: the jablog years

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