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Slept a whole lot to recover from the headache I had on Monday and the unfortunate all-nighter I pulled Tuesday night writing my advanced fiction writing story. The story turned out incredibly badly, though considering it's only the second story I've ever written, that's not so surprising. I don't think the professor knows I've only written one story before, though, so I doubt she'll take that into account when reading it. After all, who gets into the advanced class with the only story they've ever written? For that matter, who gets through the original fiction writing class without writing more than one story? Apparently I do.

In other news, my roommate's a mermaid. Personally, I'm a duck, but I don't think there's any antipathy there. The pretty, pretty mermaids can get along with the ducks just fine. There's still the question of whether Nessie is a suitable companion for my mermaid roommate, but I suppose if that doesn't work out she can find her own freshwater lake. She's cool enough to be able to live in any body of water she wants, I think.

Also, DC has now met its demise. What to do?

8:57 pm, February 19, 2004 :: the jablog years

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