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I may have the answer to the file-sharing problem on our post-DC campus—iTunes. You can share files through it once you enable that feature. By all accounts, it works and is apparently legal...

These are the relevant questions, though:

1. How many people on the university network are using iTunes?

2. Can a given iTunes user on the network here see all of the other users at any given time, or do the vagaries of the network and its "workgroup" system prevent this right now? Is there actually a five-user limit on how many other users you can see and if so, can that be changed?

3. If the workgroup system is preventing all iTunes users from seeing each other due to being in different workgroups, could we simply ally ourselves with a new workgroup in our respective network settings and then see all the other iTunes users?

4. If all of the aforementioned possible problems could be worked out, wouldn't this be a viable system for sharing music here at the university?

5. I've read varying accounts of iTunes sharing—some say that it's simply streaming the file, hence not actually possessing an actual copy of the file on one's computer, while other accounts say there are ways around this limitation. Could we make this work as a viable file-sharing system via a few tweaks?

- - -

In other news, apparently my blog has reached No. 5 on Google for the term "DeadAIM 4.5 crack." I wonder what anomaly of Google's algorithms allowed that to occur merely on account of my posting about finding the thing.

Anyway, I'm not giving out information on how I found said crack except to say two words: "bit torrent." I purposefully chose not to include a link in the original post. While I realize it's hard to find the thing—it took me a good few days of searching—I still don't think I need the liability of giving out links to places that distribute such items. If I can find it, you can find it. Enough said.

4:58 pm, March 02, 2004 :: the jablog years

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