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Yes, so tomorrow morning conservative cutie-cum-demagogue Ann Coulter will finally make her appearance on campus (the Campus Republicans have been pushing for a couple of years, apparently, to get the Assembly Series committee to approve a budget to bring her to campus). Here's hoping that liberals don't do exactly what they did a year ago when Phyllis Schlafly visited campus, namely dismiss the woman a priori without even listening to her comments, then blast her, exclaiming that she shouldn't have been brought to campus in the first place. I wrote an op-ed about that phenomenon after Schlafly came to campus last year.

I heard the first hints of that attitude today, though, talking to the editor and production manager in the newspaper office—when asked if he was going to Coulter's talk tomorrow, the editor replied with something along the lines of "Hell no!" While I know he's got other things going on, like thesis writing, it doesn't bode well that liberals are already dismissing her before hearing her speak or reading any of her writing. I asked the two of them if they'd ever read anything she'd written and neither of them had, despite their skepticism and the production manager's exclamation "I hate that woman!" So it begins all over again...

Anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Edit: Not much happened tomorrow. The speech she gave focused way too much on Iraq and Kerry and not nearly enough on issues relevant to college students. The only "protest" was some guy who stood up clapping until security escorted him out, and there was the usual [ironic] mumbling about how, "See, this is why I hate conservatives, they always issue blanket statements..." [shrugs] Not exciting.

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I should have assignments due more often—I'd blog more.

9:27 pm, March 02, 2004 :: the jablog years

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