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LAST.FM now the blog is at No. 1 on Google for "DeadAIM 4.5 crack." It can't be helping that I keep adding the search terms to my posts, now can it?

Anyway, too bad for all you kids who keep coming here to find the crack—the two words you're looking for are "bit torrent." If it turns out that you got here and suddenly lost interest in finding the program after reading my witty brilliance, though, why not start a blog with Jablog? It might help you find what you're looking for.

As far as the iTunes idea from last post goes, I did find a program that allows you to pull mp3s from streamed shared songs, namely MyTunes, which was recently removed from (which has the dumbest URL ever—whose idea was it to change it from the simple to MyTunes works. Dan was surprised that I didn't ask him, my resident Mac guru, about the idea before posting about it—but he wasn't online. Alas!

Edit: It seems that the author removed MyTunes not just from, but also from all the other download sites it could previously have been found on. His reason? He "lost the source code." [shakes head]

It's pouring outside so hard that my window's covered in a fogging of fat droplets.

I've seen a lot of talk about LiveJournal cuts lately, with people rudely demanding that friends put cuts into their posts. A LiveJournal cut, for those unfamiliar with the strange customs of that blogging netherworld, is where you put tags on either end of a section of your post you want to hide behind a link. The link then takes you to the comments view of that particular post, where you can see the portion of the post that's been hidden behind the link. People use these "cuts" to avoid overly long posts, which I suppose is fine if you like brevity. Where this becomes a point of contention, though, is where friends pages are concerned.

A lot of LiveJournal users, you see, fanatically check their "friends" page, where all recent posts by people listed as friends of that journal show up. It's a rather convenient thing, to be sure, as then you don't have to go checking however many other journals every day—the posts are all there for you in one place. Problems arise, though, when other users demand that people they decided to add to their own friends page change the form of their posts so the other users don't have to scroll down the page a little farther; they claim that long posts like that "clutter" the page. Heaven forbid that these users have to scroll down the page to avoid reading things their own friends write. [rolls eyes]

Being a rather long-winded person myself, I'm not a fan of people who demand that others "cut" their posts. So you have to scroll—big fucking deal! So they wrote a long post! That doesn't make any fewer posts display on your friends page, nor does it do anything but take up space. The amount of space taken up on a page isn't a huge commodity or anything when colors and boxes and letters—i.e. bits of html—don't cost anything to "print." If you don't like a given friend's posts showing up on your friends page, then defriend them, goddammit! Quit pussyfooting around with your little status symbols: "Oh, look how many friends I have!" As for having to click the link to go to the next page of the friends section if indeed extra-long posts do make it so fewer posts display on a page, how does that hurt you in any way? Oh no, I have to click a link to see the rest of my friends' posts. [waves forearms limply] Whatever shall I do?

If I posted on LiveJournal and one of my supposed friends started telling me that my lengthy posts were too long, I'd do just what a friend did the other day, namely cut the entire post in protest. I'd be pissed off just like he was, considering that it shows a blatant disregard for one's ideas and emotions when someone who's purporting to be a friend demands that you change your posting style to suit them.

As for me, though, I post here on Jablog, and that's not changing anytime soon. Screw LiveJournal.

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"We know we're not happy here..."
—Outkast et al., "Hey Ya"
"Could it be true—can life be new? Could it be all that I am is in you?"
—Switchfoot, "Life and Love and Why"

11:54 am, March 04, 2004 :: the jablog years

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