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Things I'd like to be able to do with this blog in the future:

-add a right-hand sidebar which would be invisible to visitors viewing this site through the frame but which would provide more interesting stuff for those who simply reach this through Jablog

-add a referrer script/referrer links and/or recent playlist from AudioScrobbler (in right-hand sidebar)

-have the access graphs actually be able to display modes other than just the past 30 days

-somehow create a JTL- or RSS-powered "friends" page, à la LiveJournal (that's one of the few features I do like about that service) that's perhaps something along the lines of Planet Jablog, only in a page, rather than a separate account altogether (not that I don't have my share of extra accounts I could put to use for that purpose)

-create some sort of biographical page (linked in right-hand sidebar) for those not lucky enough to be viewing this blog through the frame

-work on fixing those templates that don't seem to work quite right, specifically All Business.

1:50 am, March 19, 2004 :: the jablog years

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