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Wow. So I was selling Girl Scout cookies today until 1 p.m., and afterwards I got one of the cases of cookies together that were left over to carry back home. I walked out the south door of the student center, then realized that something wasn't balanced right in the box, so I set it on the railing along the walkway there for a second, fixed stuff, then picked it up again. When I started walking again, I looked up to see a Middle Eastern man looking like a professor paused in front of me. He looked puzzled, then asked "Where's your bike?" I was a bit taken aback, as I had no idea who this was, but I was still in somewhat of an anything goes conversational mode from selling cookies to people, so I pointed over to the west of the building and said, "It's over on the other side of the building." He asked why I wasn't riding it, and I held up the box in my arms, noting that I couldn't really carry it while riding the bike, at which point he asked what the box was for, and I told him Girl Scout cookies, which I was selling for Campus Girl Scouts.

He thought that was a good thing, and then he offered his hand, saying he was [insert name here, I forgot], a cardiologist here at the university (or Barnes?) in a very thick accent. I told him my name, and he asked what I do here. I said I was studying psych and English, upon which he asked, "Psychic English?" "Oh no, psychology," I said, and he said, "So if I ever need some help with something in psychology, you can help me with that?" "Well, maybe, maybe..." I replied, and he laughed, saying, "You say that with a lot of confidence, yeah?" and I worried that I'd perhaps disappointed him.

Then he said that he'd seen me riding my bike and thought it was amazing, that I'd looked like I was meditating or something, like an angel (hereupon he lifted his arms in a flying kind of way), and that I (or it?) was very beautiful, and if I ever needed anything, he could help. I said, "Well thank you," and I smiled, and he repeated the flying gesture and smiled a lot, then offered his hand again, saying, "I will see you again."

So...that was somethin'. I never really thought I looked particularly angelic or meditational riding my bike, and today I thought I looked strikingly non-angelic, since I hadn't showered, thus had my hair tied back, and was wearing my big gray senior sweatshirt and my black-and-white plaid pajama pants. Perhaps he saw me riding yesterday, when I had showered and had my long blonde hair flowing out behind me in the wind? I was wearing my sweatshirt yesterday, too, though. Anyway, it was interesting. A lot of different thoughts ran through my head while talking to this guy: He has kinda bad teeth...I wonder if he's a stalker...He seems very nice, though...This seems a little serendipitous, or like it should be serendipitous, though I can't see how...Do I really seem like I'm meditating while I ride my bike?...Maybe he's mistaken me for someone else...but I do have a bike...What was his name again?...etc.

Interesting, neh?

1:47 pm, March 24, 2004 :: the jablog years

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