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Upon seeing several people post requests to buy meal points on the LiveJournal community, I came up with my own request, in the spirit of Freecycling and Pick Me:

"Say, here's my humble request, in the spirit of Freecycling: If you or someone you know is ending up with thousands or hundreds of unused points, can't sell 'em, and can't use 'em up by the end of the year, please consider simply donating some to me gratis. This isn't a request out of greed—on the contrary, I'm in desperate need of points. I'm at about $265 right now, which won't last me much longer.

I tried requesting more on the website so it would just charge it to my student account, but it hasn't worked yet, so I may have to visit Bon Appetit and bug them about that. The thing is, though, I know for a fact that there are hundreds of students here who come nowhere near using up all their points, and the profits go straight to dining services and the university. I can't offer you money—I don't even have enough right now to go out to eat, as I have no bank account or anything saved—but if you or someone you know is so inclined as to let me have some points that will otherwise go unused, let me know.

(And yes, I do indeed have wonderful suitemates and friends who will probably hook me up with a meal or two if it really ends up being necessary, but practically speaking, I know there are people who are simply letting hundreds of points go to waste, so I'd like to use those points if I can.)"

I've always been told that if you want something, you ask for it—the results of such an honest approach can be surprising. A lot of times, simply requesting something is enough to make it so people are willing to grant you that and more. We'll see if that holds true with this request; university students in general seem to me to be a bit less open to unorthodox ideas than students in other places are, so it may just end up that I get a bunch of anonymous replies telling me to fuck off. [shrugs] We'll see...

Of course, if anyone reading this has points to donate to my cause, please let me know.

12:53 am, March 30, 2004 :: the jablog years

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