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I feel nicely commodified—I bought some orange-colored, orange-flavored sparkly Crest toothpaste at Target on Friday, then today got my mother to finally buy me the sparkly, translucent yellow rubber duck and red-black-and-white rubber koi fish I've been wanting from the Art Museum since at least senior year. Nice things to have...and they only cost $5 total; $3 for the duck and $2 for the fish.

I could have a veritable herd of fish (koi are too cool for school, you understand) for that price.

I've also got two new ideas for things that need to come into existence:

1. Real live My Little Ponies, full of tiny cuddliness and loving, in need of nothing but air and kindness.

2. A knife fish! This, much like the knife pony, would be a koi fish swimming around, carrying a big knife in its mouth.

3:03 am, April 04, 2004 :: the jablog years

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