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This place needs a treehouse. Not a clubhouse that overzealous Greeks or business/politics/international politics majors could take over, but just a college kid–proportioned thing built of wood and metal surrounding a tree that we could climb on, sit on, attach hammocks to, etc. It'd be another fixture, much like the swings, the picnic tables, the hammocks, the basketball court, and the sand volleyball court. I don't think it'd be a huge liability, as there are already things on campus (like the ongoing construction) that are more of a danger to our safety.

A treehouse would be great, though. People could go sit on it to make out in the moonlight, have deep conversations on it, or just climb on it for fun. It could become a tradition in and of itself, meaning something different to each of thousands of students. It'd have to be constructed well, of course, and look good—none of these bright, primary-colored plastics for us sophisticated college students, as this will be a treehouse, after all, not a playground. But yeah...what a boon it would be to have such a thing.

Eh. Before that, though, someone just needs to get out of one of the existing hammocks downstairs so I can go lie there and read.

4:08 pm, April 07, 2004 :: the jablog years

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