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Thoughts from the past day or so:

-Being an old woman will be strange—these guys who're our age now'll be smartasses like our grandfathers...using repetitive punchlines from mid-'90s movies.

-What shall I be? Screenwriter? Novelist? Copy editor? Law...something? Columnist? Gifted ed. teacher? English teacher? English professor? What should I decide to crusade for? I've got a lot of causes, but only one life, as far as I know. Must make it count. [shrugs] I should take the easy way out—do everything and never decide.

-I've wanted to yell out the window at these loud kids outside for weeks, but my roommate wouldn't let me, as it's usually 1 a.m. or later when people are being stupid. At that point the other two suitemates are usually holed up pretending to sleep. Anyway, some guy on the ground outside finally got the same idea and yelled at these idiots in the dorm next door with open windows:

"Hey D2 assholes, shut the hell up!"

-Real name found in the phone book while looking for character names: R. Biv.

3:36 am, April 08, 2004 :: the jablog years

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