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I feel relatively clever for figuring out how to get emails sent to state senators whose districts I don't reside in—you need a plus-four zip code that's within a given senator's district, so I looked at each committee member's Senate homepage, copied the zip code, then searched Google for plus-four zips within that area. It worked—I got MSA emails sent off to all the members of the Appropriations Committee.

I also put a brief in the newspaper last night about the budget crisis—I'd been thinking about it all night while working on the paper, as one of the briefs took up an entire column, which seemed ridiculously long. I figured we could cut it and throw in the MSA one. When Jon got there to write the paper to PDF, though, I chickened out and decided I was too tired to write a brief. I left to get a snack at the bakery...only to reach the student center and realize that no, it really wasn't open. I took that as a sign that I should go back and write the damned brief, so I hightailed it back to the office, only to find Jon just finishing up the section's pdf. I convinced him to let me take a few minutes writing a brief about MSA/MFAA, though, and my conscience was satisfied.

Oy. Being online editor and copy chief simultaneously is mighty tiring. (Yes, I'm bragging—but I really am tired.) I've effectively doubled my time at the paper until the end of the semester doing both of these jobs. It's like last semester all over again—and at a very inopportune time, as my grades were just starting to look decent.

I've finally finished the "training" portion of being online editor, though, posting the entire issue online myself last night. I think I've got this down...

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"I...said what you wanted to hear and what I wanted to say, so I will take it back—are all of the dishes intact? Let them be...broken...broken..."
—Ben Folds, "Selfless, Cold, and Composed"

12:32 pm, April 12, 2004 :: the jablog years

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