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Just received a link to complete a Marketing & Research Resources, Inc. survey about MINE magazine, TIME and Lexus' recent experimental publication, which arrives in mailboxes "personalized" with articles pulled only from those mags subscribers preselect.

Alas, when I clicked on the survey link, I found that they basically only wanted to know two things: my age range and my income bracket. That was it; end of survey. Could it simply have been a screening questionnaire?

If it turns out that it wasn't, and that that's all they want to know about me for all time, that would be unfortunate, as I'd appreciate the opportunity to tell them a thing or two about their publication. I figure they might want to know, for instance, that

1. They sent me the wrong selection of articles in Issue No. 1, which unfortunately included pieces from Travel + Leisure and GOLF in place of the requested ones from Food & Wine and Money. (Thankfully, this has since been corrected.)

2. My coworkers and I have been creeped out by the tone-deaf wording of some of the Lexus ads, including the back-cover ad on Issue No. 1 that stated, "The all-new 2010 RX. Now with more [your name]," as well as the advertising band around Issue No. 2 that claimed the issue to be "Inspired by someone we're both familiar with. You."

Um, clearly you're not that familiar with me, guys.

3:37 pm, June 26, 2009 :: um

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