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So I received an unexpected refund check in the mail today from Treasurer of the State of Missouri. A check for $4, to be exact—presumably the same $4 I added onto the end of my MO-1040 form via the "Addl. Trust Fund Code" box on line 45, using code 12 as detailed in the instructions here.

Doing that was supposed to ensure two things:

1. That the total amount I paid in both federal and state taxes this year wouldn't end in three sixes, a.k.a. the Devil's number

2. That my additional $4 would end up in the hands of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services' Show Me Healthy Women Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Apparently neither of those things happened, and I now have a completely unwanted check for $4 sitting on my desk.

When I called the number listed for the program in the MO-1040 instructions, I found that it had been disconnected. A call to the new number listed on the website went unanswered, though admittedly, I did call after-hours. More to the point, though, the trust fund is no longer listed on the Department of Revenue site.

I'm calling again tomorrow. I mean, seriously, WTF, Missouri? Did some wires get crossed? Was there a reorganization of some sort? Did the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention program lose its funding within the last three months?

I want some answers! I don't want this money.

- - -
Edit: See follow-up here.

7:30 pm, July 07, 2009 :: um

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